Are fun to decorate, no matter what season; Taste just as sweet and fluffy as “normal” cookies! Anything longer, I would suggest freezing them. Those Keto Almond Flour Butter Cookies are great to be placed on your kitchen counter for 3-4 days. You can certainly freeze almost any Keto Cookies you are baking. Each gluten-free cookie has about 0.3g net carbs! Almond and Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies A gluten-free and sugar-free cookie recipe made of almond and coconut flours. Almond Flour Cookies Recipe Notes. These keto cookies are an amazing low carb sweet snacks! Can you freeze Keto Butter Cookies? This delicate crunch mimics that of toasted oats. What I Love About This Almond Flour Sugar Cookies Recipe. Sliced almonds are important to make sure the crunch is delicate and thin, so it doesn’t feel like biting into a whole almond. Almond flour makes these oatmeal cookies low carb, and slivered almonds provide a slight crunch. Otherwise, store them in an Air Tight Container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Use low carb kitchen staples (no complicated ingredients list!) They are a classic holiday hit but you can most certainly enjoy them all year round. This keto oatmeal cookies recipe uses both almond flour and slivered/ sliced almonds. Buttery, delicious, give me more Keto almond flour shortbread cookies that the whole family will love. Keto Almond flour shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate . I love them because they: Have only 1 gram of carbs per cookie! This recipe yields 30 cookies.