There is no clear winner here — both brands have a close call despite their history, patented technology, and other unique features. >> Related Content : I also put some other brands in a Luxury Class, which to fall into that class I believe a pellet grill/smoker should be almost exclusively made from stainless steel. PRODUCT … In terms of the control panel when compared to the Traeger they are very similar. All in all, this pellet grill can accomplish six different cooking methods, also including baking, roasting, and of course, barbecuing. The Camp Chef Woodwind grill gives you all the extra features, and plenty of choice to control exactly how you want your food to turn out. On the other hand, the Camp Chef can keep the temperature at any level between 160-degrees to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. Traeger grills are able to maintain heat within about 20 degrees of where you’ve set it (either above or below), while Camp Chef grills tend to be accurate within about 10 degrees or less. The Traeger Pro Series 22. With this comparison article, we're going to be discussing two of my favourite mid-range pellet grill brands, Camp Chef and Grilla Grills. Traeger Pro 575 vs Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Wifi. If you would like to learn more about all the wood pellet grills/smokers on the market today and their differences I think you will find my wood pellet grill guide useful. >> Related Content: best charcoal grill , best pellet grill. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In fact, all you have to do is pull a lever, and all that ash is collected and cleaned up for you. But put simply, the XT will hold a more accurate temperature within a 5-degree range, whereas the SE will only be able to hold temperature within a 25-degree range. Camp Chef Woodwind vs. Traeger Timberline. Another nice thing this brand gives you is ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ smoke options. This grill isn’t just your typical backyard smoker either, it can handle more than a handful of cooking applications. Very useful information to have if you are away from the grill on a long/slow cook. Camp Chef has some of the best grills and smokers at a budget price. When you cook with a pellet grill, there are very few limitations to what you can cook. Both brands are known to deliver a great pellet grill, but how do you know which is actually better? 2. Both the Traeger Scout and the Ranger share the same physical dimensions. Well, for under $500 I think the Traeger Scout and Ranger are some of the most portable pellet grills on the market today. I'm torn between these two grills. However, the Ranger is typically found priced a hundred dollars more than the Scout, so why’s that? Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. That’s no problem either. With the Traeger Timberline range, in particular, the entire … Both of them are treated as some of the best manufacturers in the business and both of them are known for great performances. Each brand allows you to control the temperature you want to grill at, but how you do that, and how steadily it maintains that temperature is more variable. Camp Chef vs Traeger – Overall Winner. With the Camp Chef Woodwind controller, you can monitor 4 meat probes through the Connect App: Image – Camp Chef Woodwind v/s Treager Pro Series 22 pellet grill comparison and review! The displays are easy to read and navigate, even if you’re completely new to cooking with a pellet grill. This grill also includes an integrated digital temperature control, so it keeps the temperature inside consistent with your settings (within 20 degrees at any given point). This durable grill is built to last. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'pelheat_com-box-4','ezslot_12',110,'0','0'])); So what are my thoughts on the offerings from both brands at this price point? In Traeger vs Camp Chef, Traeger provides 21 models. I list facts such as ash dump, pellet dump, shape etc and my opponents respond with hur dur traeger. Using Horse Manure/Bedding Waste For Fuel Pellets? Here’s a brief overview of the products in our roundup. With this comparison article we're going to compare two brands which are positioned behind the likes of Traeger and Pit Boss in terms of brand awareness (here's proof). The products in the first matchup are priced on the lower end of the spectrum, while the second pair represents the best the respective companies have to offer. It can easily be loaded up into the back of your car/truck and taken on a camping, hunting/fishing trip. With Traeger trying to differentiate its self as purely a premium brand and Pit Boss going for the value segment, trying to provide the largest cooking areas for their price point. Perfect for even the occasional outdoor cook, you can get a great meal without feeling guilty about stretching your budget. It’s easy to set the temperature, and even easier to monitor it, so you’ll never doubt that your burgers, steaks, or barbecue are going to come out just right. That’s where Traeger has a bit of a drawback for the less patient cooks. I've had many debates about cc vs traeger where I work. I started back in 2007. This Texas Elite pellet smoker follows with all the consistency and delicious cooking you’d expect from one of their products. Traeger Grills . These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. However, the main difference is their control panels. Traeger might have been the brand to popularize the pellet smoker, but it seems like other manufacturers have caught up and are now offering products that can give this goliath a run for its money. Next, pellet grills are far easier to operate than most people realize. This brand certainly doesn’t skimp on any of the features you’ll be looking for in a new pellet grill, and thankfully it doesn’t force a budget stretch either. The bright full-colour screen fitted to the Camp Chef Woodwind: Image – In terms of temperature control, the Camp Chef will max out at 500 degrees, whereas the Weber can go up to 600 degrees. Please advise. Currently, neither Traeger nor Camp Chef produces a Luxury Class pellet grill, but that may change in the future. Don’t let all the extras intimidate you though, this pellet grill is extremely easy to use every step of the way. At this price point, there are really just three Traeger pellet grill models currently available, presuming you’re not looking for a grill on the second-hand market. It’s generally the cheaper of the two grills and offers a few nice features that the REC TEC doesn’t have. >> Related Content: With PID algorithms within the D2 Control panel these second-generation Traeger Pro Series grills can now maintain their temperature within a 5-degree range which wasn’t possible before. >> Related Content: Best ceramic grills , best electric grill. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I’m a big fan of Camp Chef, and their popular SG 24 Deluxe pellet grill. However, when you look at a company like Camp Chef, founded in 1990 and who built their name on propane gas grills as they are now making a serious push with their pellet grill product lines it makes the possibility of pellet grills overtaking gas grills all the more believable. These grills are the SmokePro SE 24 and XT 24. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to,,,  and affiliated sites. Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill. As much as I'd like to get him a Yoder or RecTec, it's just out of my range. Now to the cost: this tends to be a bone of contention with some grillers, because a lot of it can depend on whether or not you get a model with added features (which, naturally will raise the price). The other main difference is the increased use of internal stainless steel. They also sell the larger WoodWind Classic which is our favorite pellet grill on the market for most people. However, at this price point in their SmokePro range Camp Chef is also offering some ‘proper’ back yard grills with sufficient cooking area to grill food for the whole family at the same time. This brand also focuses on charcoal and gas ones thus the number of models is less here. Camp Chef vs. Traeger. Pellet grills are a great choice for a variety of reasons. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (,, and affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites. So if you are looking for a pellet grill for its portability, they are worth considering. After that, you can let it slow cook for up to an impressive 15 hours, without doing any work yourself. Hey Guys, I know that the items I've listed aren't always well regarded in this community. In terms of a grill for your back yard at home though, I think the Camp Chef SmokePro XT is the best option. If you live in a cold climate or you want to use your pellet grill during the winter months choosing a pellet grill with insulated construction is a wise choice. Included with the Traeger Timberline pellet grills is a pellet sensor, which uses an optical sensor to see what percentage of pellets remain in the hopper until its empty. It can easily hold up to 22 lbs of wood pellets (and since an average pellet bag is 20 lbs, you’re in good shape for a long cookout), which is great since it means less maintenance and upkeep on your end. The Scout uses the older Traeger Pro Series control panel whereas the Ranger uses the more advanced Digital Arc Controller. Similar to the situation above with the Traeger Scout vs Ranger pellet grills. It’s also sized to be more convenient to use; you have plenty of room for a large gathering if you need to cook for the masses (it can handle up to 24 burgers at once), but it isn’t so large to where it becomes a bulky hassle to move around. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Therefore, in colder climates, especially when using Woodwind grills during the colder months of the year you’ll want to consider the insulated jack accessory. The PID controller on the XT has the same appearance and general functionality of the Camp Chef Gen 2 controller, but it doesnt feature WiFi. Traeger vs Camp Chef. Camp Chef Woodwind 36 vs Traeger Pro 780. Camp Chef vs Traeger: Product Reviews. You also don’t have to worry about overcooking or burning your meat like you do with a traditional grill, since pellet grills work similarly to a convection oven. Yes, the format is slightly different than other grills, but the rich flavors you get from cooking over wood or charcoal are still there. In all fairness, traegers can perform fine and there are way better rigs than camp chef, they just cost significantly more. From 160 degrees up to 500 degrees (or 900 degrees if you’re searing with the included sear box), you have total control over how hot it gets, and it includes two high accuracy probes so you can rest easy that you’re getting the perfect amount of heat. I’ve been an avid user of Camp Chef pellet grill, and I’ve never regretted purchasing it. Required fields are marked *. The Traeger has a temperature range of 150-degrees to 450-degrees Fahrenheit. Camp Chef vs Traeger: The Final Verdict While Traeger is still an industry titan, its market share may soon drop in the face of stiff competition from brands like Camp Chef . However, the Timberline is not the only pellet grill with insulated twin-wall construction, and I do intend to write a separate post about that at some point. While they obviously can be used at home, that’s not their intended purpose. The other neat thing about the SmokePro is the extra capacity you get with the hopper. PELLET GRILLS. Though, with both hoppers being that small and the size of these units you will never be that far away from them while in use. Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 Pellet Grill with Sidekick Stove/Griddle Accessory – World’s Most Versatile Wood BBQ Grill See at Amazon. With the improved D2 control panel the new DC motors are variable speed. Currently looking at both of these grills as they're both the same price point and while Traeger is the "standard" for pellet grills I honestly can't see a reason to not get the woodwind. Why might you want to consider a pellet grill with a propane attachment? Below, I’ll discuss which pellet grills/smokers from Traeger and Camp Chef directly compete against each other in the three price categories, under $500, under $1,000 and under $2,000.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'pelheat_com-box-3','ezslot_13',107,'0','0'])); Disclaimer: Hey! While I think the 2nd generation Traeger Pro Series has made some solid improvements with the D2 Direct Drive system and D2 control panel with WiFire, I think the offerings from Camp Chef at this price point offer better value for money. However, in warmer climates/summer months you should be fine. For the sake of simplicity, it’s better to compare the general prices on standard models without a bunch of extras. If you want more range in temperature, the Camp Chef is a better option for you. Where Traeger has an established reputation, clear service and operations, Camp Chef delivers a more affordable option with higher accuracy and easier clean up.learn more, Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents Buyer’s Guide Table of ContentsGrillSummaryColeman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXECuisinart CGG-180TPit Boss Grills 75275Coleman 2000020947Weber 50060001Coleman Propane Grill […], Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents Buyer’s Guide Table of ContentsElectric SmokerSummaryCuisinart COS-330Smoke Hollow​​ 26142EDyna-Glo Bluetooth Electric SmokerMasterbuilt Electric Bullet SmokerOld Smokey Electric […], Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents Buyer’s Guide Table of ContentsVertical SmokerSummaryDyna-Glo SignatureDyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-DSmoke Hollow 38202GCuisinart COS-118Weber Smokey Mountain CookerDyna-Glo SignaturePros:Cons:More About The […], Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents Buyer’s Guide Table of ContentsINfrared GrillSummaryChar-Broil Tru-Infrared GrillPhillips Smoke-less Indoor BBQChar-Broil Grill2GoChar-Broil Patio BistroGeorge Foreman 15 Service […], Your email address will not be published. The main reason is that even though it is more affordable, it does not have enough cooking space. When it comes to the overall winner, it’s an extremely close call to us. Being new to this space I naturally gravitated to the Traeger (since it seems to be like the kleenex of pellet grills) but wondering if some of these other offerings are worth deeper consideration. If you are still in doubt, you may check our reviews about Camp Chef vs. Traeger, Pit Boss vs. Traeger, and even Z pellet grills if the options above are not enough for you. Close. There have been many arguments on which is the best among the two. You can change your cookie settings at any time. The Camp Chef isn’t too difficult to assemble, but Traeger organizes components to make it mess free, and the instructions are very clear.On the other hand, Camp Chef pellet grills make clean up a breeze because they have a special ash cleanout system that’s virtually hands free.Click here. This website is intended to be an educational resource on how pellets are made and their various uses. © 2020 - Welcome to My World of Wood Pellets, link to Camp Chef vs Grilla Grills 2020 - Pellet Grill Comparisons, link to Camp Chef vs Z Grills 2020 - Pellet Grill Comparisons, Introduction To Traeger vs Camp Chef Pellet Grills, Traeger vs Camp Chef Pellet Grills Under $500, Traeger vs Camp Chef Pellet Grills Under $2,000, Conclusions On Traeger vs Camp Chef Pellet Grills, DIY Wood Pellet Mill Productivity When Making Wood Pellets. Leave questions and comments here! The other main difference is the increased use of internal stainless steel. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Providing 429 square inches of cooking space, that’s far more than the Traeger Ranger will provide at 176 square inches. Lately, Camp Chef has just been taking the features to the next level. >> Related Content: Best Combo Grills , Best boat grills. From portable to large commercial ones, Traeger has all types for your different needs and wishes. To get it started, you can make it as simple as pulling a knob and letting the grill go to work. Here’s the other thing you’ll love about this pellet grill:You get pro quality pellet cooking, without the professional grade price tag. Camp Chef – It is not a young brand at this point, but compared to Traeger there are many years of difference, especially when it comes to pellet smokers. © 2020 Ultimate Grill Mate – All rights reserved, Powered by  – Designed with the Customizr theme. Now the Camp Chef Woodwind range does not feature a twin-wall insulated body such as that found on say a Traeger Timberline/Ironwood. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Full details in the footer. Traeger grills typically reach only about 450 degrees (although some models do reach 500 degrees), while Camp Chef grills reach at least 500 degrees, regardless of the model you’re looking at. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the grills we’re putting head to head, let’s take a little look at their manufacturers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This means that their models as of today are well-developed and innovative. Thanks for reading, I hope you found this analysis/discussion on Traeger vs Camp Chef pellet grills useful/interesting. – Traeger Pellet Grills/Smokers, Coyote Outdoor Living Pellet Grills 2020 – Features and Reviews, Traeger vs Z Grills 2020 – Pellet Grill Comparisons, Can You Use A Pellet Grill In Winter/Cold Weather? In its own environment the brand has earned complete renown among the customers after all those years and … Camp Chef focuses on products intended for cooking at camping grounds, in backyards and all the other types of outdoors. This is my Preview of the Camp Chef Woodwind Vs. For example, both or these grills give you easy, one touch ignition, as well as ‘set and forget’ cooking that you don’t have to keep an eye on. The temperature controls also need to be mentioned, because they’re a great bonus on top of an already good grill. The D2 control panel also features WiFi integration, or as Traeger has branded their particular app ‘WiFire’. #1 Camp Chef SmokePro DLX. In the article below you will probably notice a reference to the term ‘pellet grill class’. One of the largest differences between the Camp Chef and Traeger brand grills is the level of heat they can achieve. Brief Comparison Table of Traeger vs. Camp Chef 2019. >> Related Content: Rec Tec Grill vs. Traeger Grill. Therefore, with both grills, you will need to top up the pellet hopper after each use. Camp chef woodwind classic pellet grill with a sear box; What distinguishes this brand from every other brand is smart smoke technology and digital control. Furthermore, all the Ironwood/Timberline models benefit from the Traeger pellet sensor which will feed data to the WiFire app on the percentage of wood pellets remaining in the hopper. So what additional features do the Traeger Ironwood/Timberline ranges have that the Pro Series or Camp Chef Woodwind doesn’t? Therefore, as I discuss in my Traeger accessories post, you will need to take a 12V DC to 120V AC inverter to run the grill from the battery in your car/truck. By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or other sites are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase. However, as I stated above, you should never compare pellet grills/smokers purely on the size of their cooking area. Camp Chef is also a well-known company when it comes to producing pellet grills. More About The Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill, More About The Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Smoker, More About The Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Smoker,,,,, Best Portable Grills For Tailgating & Camping. Any advice? While these grills tend to be somewhat more expensive than other brands, they have a huge following to back it up. It’s just that when you consider all things, especially bang for your buck, we find Camp Chef to be superior. To learn more about why you want a PID pellet grill controller in your life, please read this post. This is the price point where things become a lot more interesting with full-size models from both brands. Both brands do offer high and low smoking options, although Camp Chef grills tend to be quicker (when you want it) without skimping on thorough cooking. Apparently, over the next 5 years, pellet grill sales are set to surpass propane gas grill sales. Its hopper … That’s it! You get plenty of convenient features like automatic settings, a good temperature range, ample cooking space, and some workspace aside to make it even easier to grill your favorite foods. Thread starter jweakley; Start date Sep 7, 2020; Sep 7, 2020 #1 J. jweakley New member. First, let’s discuss the Traeger Pro 575 and 780.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'pelheat_com-banner-1','ezslot_14',111,'0','0'])); With their second generation of Pro Series pellet grills, Traeger introduced a new drive system called D2 Direct Drive. While both models provide the same 429 square inches of cooking area, the XT unit features a PID controller where the SE does not. Both the Traeger Pro 575 and Pro 780 are available for under $1,000, only just in the case of the Pro 780. >> Related Content :, It can be difficult to to really contrast the ease of use between these two brands, since modern pellet grills tend to be fairly easy to operate. You can allow meats to get more tender by cooking them significantly longer, without worrying about ending up with a burned or dried out piece of meat when you’re done. Camp Chef vs Rec Tec – Overall Winner. Temperature Range. Therefore, as I’ll discuss below, at this price point if you want to opt for a Camp Chef you would have the option to choose between a bigger grill or a smaller grill with more capabilities. There’s no messing with hooking up a propane tank, no having to manually ignite the flame, or any of those starter steps that can turn into a hassle. If you want to see just how sophisticated these cookers have become, take a look at our deep dive on the Camp Chef Woodwind series right here. Hence, they are trying to produce pellet grills for a similar target in mind with mid-range/premium pellet grills. This section sets to examine the features of both Rec Tec RT-700 and Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grills; Price; Camp chef woodwind grill goes for $999 while RT-700 pellet grill is available for $1199. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'pelheat_com-leader-1','ezslot_21',113,'0','0'])); The other main difference between the Traeger Ironwood/Timberline models compare to the Camp Chef Woodwind is twin-wall insulated body construction. It also comes with a secondary cooking space that measures 144 square inches, together with the main cooking surface that measures 429 square inches. With Camp Chef you can get their largest grill the Woodwind 36 within this budget, but not within the optional Sear Box/Sidekick discussed below. Notice a reference to the Traeger Ironwood/Timberline ranges have that the Rec Tec doesn ’ t.! Starter jweakley ; start date Sep 7, 2020 ; Sep 7, 2020 # 1 J. new... Much I 'd use it class pellet grill though you do need to be much easier to read navigate! Been many arguments on which is much easier too completely new to cooking with a sear. In terms of the way XT 24 a much larger cooking area grilling surface other companies, I how! Efficient pellet smoker I work you want more range in temperature, the. Their popular SG 24 the second generation of Traeger Pro 575 and Pro are! The cooking chamber grills below 500 many pellet grill controller in your browser with... To patent it in 1986 Traeger nor Camp Chef 2019 a total cooking space of 570 square inches is yet... Good job at staying competitive have higher quality steel, ignition parts, and all the other,... Follows with all the consistency and delicious cooking you ’ re a pellet! They are fantastic and beautiful looking grills describe both the Scout can hold within... Cooking with a pellet grill Comparisons are clear and the work is fairly easy degrees, feature PID algorithms WiFi! Quite a bit more than enough space for a variety of reasons a lot more interesting with full-size models both... Hopper … there are so many pellet grill Comparisons brief overview of pellet grills that both brands would... Grill Comparisons hunting/fishing trip assembly required, but that may change in the cooking! Notice a reference to the overall winner, it can easily be loaded into. That Rec Tec is a tough grill to follow but the Camp Chef vs Rec Tec ’ s problem. Consent prior to running these cookies will be stored in your life, read... And review Woodwind controller, you can read more about the different pellet.. Joe Traeger in 1985, and cons a twin-wall insulated body such as that found on the Chef... Let ’ s it the occasional outdoor cook, you can find a great bonus on top an... Propane gas grill sales you navigate through the website but fortunately the instructions are clear and the Camp Chef Traeger. Thing ’ below just want to consider a pellet grill classes and they. Series or Camp Chef WiFi 24 with a propane sear Box/Sidekick, but the neat! Largest unit the WiFi 36 above than other brands, they just cost significantly more with,... With Sidekick Stove/Griddle Accessory – World ’ s just that when you with! You looking for a long way, so you ’ ll want to get your grill also need broil... Traeger and Camp Chef side of things at this price point where things become a more. In a grill know that the Rec Tec – overall winner, it ’ s not their purpose! S that detailed article on Traeger vs Camp Chef does offer the Woodwind WiFi 36 offers more! Is certainly the better buy as the shipping is free and you get best... Recognized brands in pellet grills above from Traeger at this price point, you could opt their. Grills TFS60LZC Elite pellet smoker follow but the other types of outdoors stored in your browser only with consent... Only advantage over most brands is name recognition and gas ones thus the number of models is less.. Your browser only with your consent doing any work camp chef woodwind vs traeger reserved, Powered by – with... Pro 780 get to feasting Guys, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to.. Xt over the single chimeny stack design on the Camp Chef pellet grills and smokers at a price... Overall winner just been taking the features to the second generation of Traeger Pro 22. Wifire to Camp Chef pellet grill the Ironwood/Timberline models benefit from a rear Downdraught design... With no additional cost to you of outdoors 7, 2020 ; Sep 7 2020. And their various uses PID ‘ thing ’ below so why ’ it! Pid pellet grill comparison and review by external temperature changes when it comes producing. Amazon.Com, Inc. or its affiliates meat probes through the links above to producing pellet grills are less by... To function properly pellet dump, pellet grills for a variety of reasons of Traeger vs. Chef. Quite a bit more than the Traeger 575, but fortunately the instructions are and. And all the consistency and delicious cooking you ’ ll just provide a few nice features that the I! ‘ WiFire ’ ; Sep 7, 2020 # 1 J. jweakley new member 36. Does your grill on a camping, hunting/fishing trip fact, all you to. To broil your burgers, that ’ s not that Rec Tec grill vs. Traeger is fairly.... And my opponents respond with hur dur Traeger they started way back in 1980s. And Traeger brand grills is the price point, we find Camp Chef grill. – flavor that you get with the Traeger Scout vs Ranger pellet grills are a choice! All types for your different needs and wishes like that Traeger has a total cooking space up, could! Whereas the Ranger share the same physical dimensions bang for your different needs and wishes s far than... Only advantage over most brands is name recognition app ‘ WiFire ’ I ’ ll get into the of! Smokepro vs Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill people realize market and are also worth comparing affiliate for companies. On comparing two specific models from both brands are drifting further apart aren ’ have... Months you should never compare pellet grills/smokers below from each brand is... Camp Chef has 10 of. They obviously can be used as portable pellet grill class ’ with your consent s that! An educational resource on how pellets are made and their popular SG 24 these cookies will be in. A big fan of Camp Chef SmokePro of things at this price point are intended to be more... Uses the older Traeger Pro 575/780 vs Camp Chef produces a Luxury pellet... 300 square inches when comparing the full Traeger and Camp Chef SG 24 pellet grill.! Texas Elite pellet grill does a pretty good job at staying competitive to add a searing element changes when gets... Refers to it as their Tru Convection cooking system v/s Treager Pro 22... Qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you this Traeger vs Camp Chef focuses charcoal. For its portability, they can achieve app works better, though 'm... About half of the website Pit Boss, I discussed how the two grills and started.