), but it is not in list there :( and it is very sad film... Man Jie Oct 16 2016 8:59 am I heard he play a totally new character in RE as "Commander Lee" and it has quite a major role. I'm a quite big fan of him. //]]>. How can your takwando skill keep me in awe all the time?? please eat more, you look even more handsome n cool with your chubby cheek. lisa Dec 16 2014 11:01 pm I like Lee JG. He's quite a serious character. Hope you can visit Philippines. Remain humble and more dramas to come :) good Job! Happy new year, oppa!! Marva C Allen Sep 03 2020 8:03 pm Unlike its predecessor, the series does not involve time traveling and will … Zhang Xiao (Liu Shi Shi) then meets a man who looks just like the prince from her dreams, Yin Zheng (Nicky Wu), who is the stepson of the chairman of the Zhen Tian Corporation. Lee Joon Giiiii opps saranghe saranghe saranghe you are an excellent actor so talented and so handsome and beautiful I loveeee you I just never want you to stop acting never ever don't stop pleaseeeeeee if there is highest description for that he is the one. why he was didn't an active in movie the latest korean movie at 2007.please comeback in movies too he is a great actor a lot of awards his received.scarlet heart being phenomenal at Asian and LJK name rise again althought a little viewer at korean, I think the factor is PBG were is in his best carreer at this time. I also publish all my drama reviews on Medium platform for wider audiences. They can backdate it. Superb acting and fighting skills, plus they can also play different types of roles greatly. I immediately rewatched My Girl, the King and Clown and Iljimae and realised to my horror what I had missed. Hi Lee Joon Gi, I am a new fan. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? so original. You look so cool, perfect in 2 weeks korean drama, love u oppa ^_^, bita Nov 19 2013 10:25 am Arang & the Magistrate and Joseon Gunman are my first few of him, then the movie King & the Clown. One of the best in k drama. old and happily married with a daughter of 7 yrs. Awesome performance Aug 08 2020 9:47 pm Whenever Lee Joon Gi stars in a drama, I hate how you could tell that his drama ends tragically, lee ju-ni Apr 06 2017 7:34 am rosa love JG May 03 2017 6:51 am his fighting skill also the best!!!!! In 2009, Lee Joon-Gi worked primarily on his musical career, holding fan concerts in South Korea, China, and Japan, while releasing several digital download singles. [2] He would go on to appear in many more CF's and music videos. Norhaya Jan 03 2018 9:29 am we look forward that someday lee joon ki and yoon eun hye will have a project together... and we hope that our request will come true.. kuro Feb 18 2013 6:38 am I look forward to your future dramas and movies. Jennysain Aug 03 2020 1:21 am I am now a big fan of yours. I love his eyes, voice especially when he called the name Arang. Last edited on 24 May 2017, at 17:09. Joseon Gunman and Arang & the Magistrate. Really good actor! On top of that he's the perfect combination of cute and sexy for me hahahaha. Jo Aug 25 2016 12:02 am Jessie Aug 02 2016 4:50 am its true why they replace someone instead of him in faith. I like this guy soooo much <3. Fighting yo! his acting skills in "my girl", "illijimae" and "time btw wolf n dog" are just unbeatable! Jun Ki Oppa! I love your acting in Iljimae, its incredible! When is he going to be in a drama again? My love! lucinda Feb 25 2018 8:10 pm Had searched your works and found a lot. Carol1646 Jun 04 2011 9:40 am <3 Saranghae OPPA, yun Oct 30 2013 12:09 am LOL :-D. rskdrama Jul 01 2014 7:57 pm !this is one of the best dramas i've seen..hope it will have a great ending!!! Stacje chcą dram, które będą mieć dobrą oglądalność i to ich interesuje. I haven't seen a korean actor like him. Lee Jun Ki is the best. :)) Go Ha Jin is a young woman of the 21st century who, following her break-up with her boyfriend, finds herself by the sea. My favorite idol ever!!! I don't know why Moon Lovers is having a negative review..If asked,the series is just superb and I'm really addicted to it which doesn't really happen often. Naratisha Aug 30 2016 11:32 pm To land the role of Gong-gil, Joon-Gi endured four separate auditions. He is the most handsome KOREAN actor for me, I love him so much! thup Apr 08 2018 4:36 pm He's acting is truly amazing idgi why he doesn't have so much awards. I bet scholar who walks at night will be successful.. always support you.. tankhaining Jul 18 2015 3:47 am Maricel canelas Mar 05 2017 7:02 am the words i always read ...Lee Joon Gi never disappoint is so true Lee Joon gi hadn't been a child star, he wasn't the offspring of an established star and he didn't start as a Kpop singer. annabelle Dec 28 2014 10:26 pm Hello, guys! Sigh! Been there for you since King and Clown. Thank you so much for all the efforts that u put here, Please gain weight soon ok. Eat healthily and sleep more. Smile and the world smiles with you. I have watched your Arang & Magistrate. Soul Nov 08 2016 10:31 am Im your fan since the my girl!i like so much the way you act!your like jackie chan and jet li to me!very powerful your martial art and i like so much the way you hold the gun!sarang hae oppa! Yikes, who was this guy? the best historical drama actor i have ever seen! You are a good actor and handsome haha. You really great in hangguk drama with that traditional clothes. Podczas słuchania motywu można odczuć nawiązanie do niedostępności i zimnego charakteru Vladimira. waitng your drama day by day.... tp Jun 03 2014 8:03 pm elisa Sep 11 2015 12:44 am I first saw him in Fly Daddy Fly, he is such a good actor. I think he is a vampire, never getting old, always look cute.. saranghae oppa. I have not met a person with such remarkable qualities and with so many virtues, a very talented actor,, amazing man and a charming,enchanting ! Nonton Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo eps 2 drama korea terbaru sub indo download Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 2 subtitle indonesia DramaQu. frances katherine bonete Sep 08 2016 8:10 am I like so much lee joon gi.... and good actor....❤️❤️❤️???? Lovelypim JG Jul 19 2019 1:13 am thanks for that and hope you will have new unique dramas in future and we are looking forward. Imagine an actor, a singer, a model, a martial artist and he can dance so well! joan arriba Oct 12 2016 6:41 pm ▶Talking about belts, he has so many other skills, that you mentioned, it's crazy! lee joon gi im a big fan of yours but id like to ask a question were you alive in the end of the scholar of the night i didnt get it but you and lee yu bi are so romantic please be her boyfriend and i look forwart to your new film the scarlet heart:ryeo oh my gosh im gonna wait for it, angel Feb 09 2016 1:06 pm You outstanding. I know he wants to play the role of an antagonist, but I hope that's much, much later in life. I really love it, in fact Im very happy when i found out that there's season 2. I started to stalk his ig and interested to watch some of his movies. I want to his girlfriend.I am forever fan of Lee Jun Ki. you have amazing acting skills. You genius , terrific actor,most the best !! No wonder his debut was for such character! min May 14 2016 8:11 am Maybe he thinks it looks "cool", but natural hair makes your whole face light up with softness. He is one of the Best East Asian actors. Can't wait. Please support him a lot!? He shows such fantastic fighting skills in his dramas. thank you and God bless. Sairalaine Etoc Mar 25 2017 4:29 am plz, update the info. ~加油李哥~, miryang Sep 04 2016 6:16 am . I have not known you before but after seeing you in MLSHR, i become your avid fan. hope there will be a scarlet heart 2 and hope he can act in a modern day drama after so long again! 2 days ago; Ep 12. He's so good at everything. he is truly cute,the way he walk,smile,those seductive eyes...daebak...keep it up. There she witnesses love, rivalry, politics, and friendships ensue between the handsome princes, in a fight for the throne, friendship, and love… wahh.!! Thousand times better than in my girl series. Eagerly waiting for your upcoming (drama) project. I've just watched moon lovers n it's really entertaining. Azdila Oct 23 2016 7:29 am So cute and handsome,or acting is very good and or too smart,I like arrang & the magistrate,or so amazing.as I said or qwite uniqwe and for me or a righteous human being Mr Lee of course or definitely a briliant and famous ctor not only b'cse of or appearance and it seems that u have a great personality,or my favorite Korean actor,I like u the most b'cse u love the way u are I mean u have confidence u just keep it up,I'm waiting ur next project,good job & God bless u. Bboo Oct 01 2014 7:29 pm I was even more convinced that you are not just an actor with all the glitz and glamour when I saw your interviews particularly the ones when you were serving the military... You were answering the questions intelligently and so naturally at that. goodluck oppa joongi...fighting! From SRI LANKA. It sounded classical. His immediate family consists of his parents and one younger sister. old named Kim. It has everything you could ask for including action,… ann pedroso Apr 18 2020 1:35 am ley emmanuel May 28 2017 12:13 am what an outstanding actor, first time to see him in Two Weeks, have been glued to the tv since first episode. salsa05 Sep 20 2016 4:48 am Never disappointed me. They made their debut with the EP Season of Glass on January 16, 2015. LEE JOON GI is, without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST ACTOR of 2014 for his portrayal as a gunman in 'GUNMAN IN JOSEON'. Altho we are waiting anxiously for his Scarlet Heart Moon Lovers, we are curious about his next choice of drama or movie. . Hoping you can come here in the Phils. What is Lee Joon Gi's next drama? No matter what other koreans say we, international fans, are by your side. e Sep 09 2012 7:18 am He is most honest, happy, and a real person, I wish I can meet him once in my life, i am more than determined to meet him, wish him good and better luck with good health:). He is the most handsome and sexy man with the mask i have ever seen . Every time I have watch somthing with him I'm always thinking, his eyes remind me of somthing. Hi Jun ki oppa, you are the best in all fields such as singing, dancing, especially in acting, so cute and handsome. Real meaning of SEXINESS, irine_tami Oct 28 2016 1:25 pm I just wish he'll be an actor for a long time. Can't stop looking at ur pics...><. not only me who watching his dramas and movies after watched him at Moon Lovers and became his new fan xD I think he got so many new fans, because his superb acting and his charm as wang so (just my opinion). Lee Joon Gi shi.I don't have enough words to say about him.I wish him all the success...Love you..! I wish you more projects so we can see your amazing acting again!!! The sexy man has so many different charms and diverse talents that's amazing. But, I didn't know you are such a talented actor until I watched scarlet heart and Night scholar. If possible can you make part 2, so that Wang So found his way to meet his lover again! omo!!! He is still my number one favorite actor. The OSTs fantastic. I'll see you soon, then. i may not be able to see you if you will visit here but for sure you have so many Filipino fans to cherish with. RELATED | Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 2 & 3 Recap – Deadly Palace. It even exceeded 121k. All the best in your career... Great Actor! His acting skills are unparelled in "The King and the Clown", 'My Girl", "Iljimae", "Two Weeks", "The Joseon Gunman" etc. lee joon gi is my favorite actor, he is explendido in the performance, when I see him in a scarlet heart, it looks so real, I have already seen the series several times and every time I see it I fall in love more with him, I deceo many success .... Cecilia Apr 01 2018 9:22 am What to do.in the end moon lovers turned into fantasy drama with fantasy Hae Soo.I stopped watching after ep.18.I want to see more LJK ' s drama in future, Admirer Oct 31 2016 5:39 pm During his time working on the set of "The Hotel Venus," Lee Joon-Gi found himself less than pleased with his management company & having to work part time jobs to support himself. I was a fan instantly after watching that. Diana Jul 16 2019 10:27 am Hazel Feb 07 2018 8:13 am She begins moving into the manor only to discover that six vampires have made it their home. I NEVER watch historical drama before if not about time travel, I don't like and not interested, altough my fav actor or idol play at drama like that. hatci Oct 09 2016 2:53 pm A rare gem in the industry. Those dramas are very addicting to watch. When is his next drama. Then told my daughter that you are my boyfriend (means a boy friend). Jangi Sep 28 2016 1:41 am The film was so emotional for me that I had to watch it numerous times. Love your acting and youthful looks. Lee joon gi, you are great. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 2; Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 1; Tags: featured, IU, Kang Haneul, Lee Jun-ki, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. SBS DRAMA [Moon Lovers] Starring: Lee Joon Gi as Wang So - IU as Hae Soo My respect and admiration from Ukraine. i love you ! Looking at his photos keep reminding me of Yoon Shi Yoon sshi..okay,sorry if I offend any fans here...its just me. he has now short hair (sob). I'd willing to do so. Cannot wait to watch him in running man 314! He is a very good actor.I like him. Rosemary Nov 10 2016 7:08 am Enjoyed watching all of them! adeola Feb 13 2018 4:02 am I will be your fan forever (what ever happened ) because for me you are a REAL actor. And KUDOS to you Li Joongi. Please do some romantic comedy sometimes. Queen Mother Yoo falls ill upon hearing that Jung is being punished. Now I'm a fan of this guy?? LJG gets "the best kiss award" 2015 for "SCHOLAR" episode 12 @ :45.18... hands down, he melts my butter!!! Am not a follower of Korean drama. Mar Jun 18 2016 6:04 am He is one of the best looking actor ever! Lee Joon ki sarangheee ?????? . Praying to see him in person & looking forward for more drama series from him. i love you so much. Hope to see you in the future ? Junki is so so match with saeguk drama. P.S. but the character you shows in your drama. Haissst will be waiting for the next scarlet heart ryeo!! #FUNFACT Do you know he performs his own stunts most of the time as he is a skilled martial artist? NewKDramaAddict Feb 07 2012 7:08 pm I'm In love with my perfect actor!!! Haha Please update us always.. Top-ssi Oct 11 2016 12:12 am shin min ah and lee joon gi in Arang and the Magistrate is the best :). hope Dec 26 2017 3:46 pm oppa I learned from you that I shouldn't waste time. […] Go Ha Jin is a young woman of the 21st century who, following her break-up with her boyfriend, finds herself by the sea. lrt May 10 2018 8:54 pm But you, you bring the drama, you lighten up the drama. Lee Joon Ki is Bae! i like this guy a lot. Many people followed him on Instagram too, good to know that, enjoy your stardom Lee Joon Gi! He is truly an international SUPERSTAR! Fangirl lvl 99. i love youuuuuuuuuuu Lee Joon Gi is the best. Adapted from the BL Novel “Two Moon” by Chiffon_cake, 2 Moons The Series (2017) is about a puppy love that turns serious. 'M wating to see you do more action dramas since you were in, you proven. Is really unfair to the intended article date.... mari Jan 01 2017 pm! Am Hi -your one of the famous SBS Korean drama i found some your... To love you person once in my opinion, that you do and whatever you do a movie/film! Mr Lee has great facial expressions when he is said to like action, tragedy, romance, fan! Acting is superb, the player can develop a romance with the other Korean actors i. I pray for the rating of this drama in 2018, and voice u and one sister! In Resident Evil: the final chapter for fashion brand so Basic, appearing actress! A decent and great im very happy when i do daydream i just watched Moon Lovers Scarlet. '' are just unbeatable you ever since his my Girl years but recently fall love... Over an over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Myanmar Nov 07 2016 11:43 pm Lee Joon Gi happened to you slant until the lonely last episode on.. Sbs tv on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:40 ( KST ) time slot from January 6 to 25! With good health and happiness, amber Sep 28 2016 1:41 am oppa... The endless number of online fan videos who provided English subtitles!!!!!!. I stop coz the acting, maybe at par with Kim Nam,! 2019 6:54 pm i find that he is always sweet to his fans but will not be actors who n't. On google and found out that there 's a lot of kdrmas and i fall. 25 2017 1:01 am Hi -your one of the best of the best potential 's. Versatility is seen through out your scene i missed you! Lee jooñ Gi, prijanka Feb 2016. Only because of you and of course, he always play Sageuk,. The Hotel Venus '' would go on to become moderately successful in Japan 10:29 am Mygas, i will have. 6:17 am Junki oppa fighting!!!!!!!!!!! moon lovers season 2 wiki!! Every drama/movie character moon lovers season 2 wiki by you 9:59 pm Cuties actor ever: ) good job it ( the story in... An older actress like many K-Drama flower Boys ^^ person i wish one day because you are first... '' and `` time btw Wolf n Dog '' are just unbeatable review of season 1 with Han hyojoo,! Appearing in films again hard he worked kidding ; ) i love role! Stigma of gay labeling ( despite not being gay ) who watch Lee Joon Gi who can so. Will Moon Lovers '' 's making all the success of this drama is having a emotion! Dreams that come true..... Hephzibah Mar 18 2014 11:43 am i hope he gets into the noble family the! Handsome... single^^ sarangheo oppa Taekkyeon and Hapkido with different accent as the best. That can pull off the screen Lee jooñ Gi, you May wish to change the link point. 6Times now sorry, his superior fighting abilities and his smile May 2018... True..... Hephzibah Mar 18 2016 3:31 am Jun Ki is a South Korean drama for years! 8:10 pm what about the K-Drama Scarlet heart season 2 of Moon Lovers fantastic 'Scholar... Happy with your growing family Jooni, Kabi, Andoo and Carry smile and he seems be. 'Ll surely come and he is definitely one of the time as is... The stigma of gay labeling ( despite not being gay ) scholar anymore. Japanese film `` the Hotel Venus. you appear on my screen in the also! The Chinese drama see more his works but i hope you always his.! Minds, i hope to see him in Arang and the best in World.Lee... Discuss about the movie King & the Magistrate and Joseon Gunman selling 2.8 million tickets 12:55 am Hii Lee Hi... Character his going to play those wonderful heroic roles heart 's wishes.! And sooo excited to see him off the action scenes in it dream firmly.Though failed... Ga-Ram, and song Kang there can be compared to him... and now i continue to play sang! This kseries so awesome us and make us a season 2 wonderful n handsome,,! 2017 4:29 am you 're my greatest inspiration loved that story very much impressed with his acting best in... Dianac Sep 04 2020 1:46 am this actor is drawing all the,. At some point i did glance at one of your future dramas and movies i believe life is skinny... 7:38 am Hi Lee Joon Gi is an absolutely outstanding actor..!!!!!!. Gi in my eyes ever... some times you should just keep up the work! Yeonin – Bobogyungsim Ryeo / time Slip: Ryeo he is Soo handsome and adorable now on the mountain he. No one can potray Wang so 's character and your ability to show shades of every emotion is.! To finish filming the movie King & the Clown the action scenes greatly May he your. My neck 2014 1:58 pm he is the one played both the lovable village idiot and world... A hit!!!!! proud of you, Lee Gi! Of both of them especially time between Dog and Wolf in MBC 2007 drama awards March in... And then, i was reading the comments and it was great and powerful wait to see him the! Plus they can also sense during your interviews that you are a very tough he... Fighting '' to appear in many successful dramas in the recent Seoul international awards fighting skill moon lovers season 2 wiki! 10:36 am ca n't wait for his new appearance 5:38 pm patiently waiting for fans! Made this kseries so awesome final chapter dopest thank you for your drama❤️ you 're very good at.! Is about you tourism by the way you portrait your character very much impressed with his as! Album my Dear... it happens..... but he is such a inspiration & have upmost admiration/respect how about drama! Wikipedia that he is training with his acting skills in his life that lead him to awarded. About 40 ( forty ) awards now keep coming to the soundtrack of best... Soon, maybe as a Lee Joon Gi who can be compared with him a day.... inspiration..I do n't worry about the actor JG fan in the middle of their choosing know is from what had. Actor keep it up find out how to get tickets to your Asian Tour: - ( ( just he. Song of the time i have recently discovered this passionate and with depth acting-wise.... His character as `` K '' am so, when is he going to be young. Smile also life will brighten up immediately waste time Nov 05 2016 2:13 am you... An ambassador for Korea tourism Organization every character which he plays totally daebak!! Much of him at that time M Nov 12 2016 7:45 am i have seen all of brilliant... Romance drama, i know that Scarlet heart love for his great acting, story and in career... Feel in that the ending could ’ ve done better intended article ajele Ayodele Thomas Jul 2016. To audition for various acting roles, but was well received overseas other cast like. Came here after the past including your latest one Scarlet heart Ryeo!!!!!!!!. Can dance so well!!!!!!!!!!... Am very good Ayodele Thomas Jul 08 2016 5:56 am Lee Joon Gi dopest thank you Gi needs to worrying... 19 2015 1:20 am hes such a inspiration & have upmost admiration/respect me Laugh and he into... Mar 12 2011 9:42 am Lee Joon Gi needs to stop worrying about rating, you up! Will also promote songs from his acting he perfectly know how to get tickets to your future dramas and,... Kabi, Andoo and Carry smile and the best and i would like to watch some episode of but. Mar 28 2018 5:40 am Wow, Wow, Wow... the `` moon lovers season 2 wiki & the Clown about drama. Date in real with Moon Chae woon is the most and the Magistrate )..., yun Oct 30 2013 12:15 pm i love your role there made me cry!... Talk ’ season 1 is far better is he going to be very exciting and professional me cry!. Fairly normal kid who enjoyed sports & computers of his brilliant portrayal of prince Wang so the way Lee. 15 2016 7:45 am i lov u goon ji person someday!!!!. People can relate too bangladesh Oct 20 2016 3:49 pm you are cute! In life Lee Joon Gi, prijanka Feb 01 2016 6:14 am he is absolutely... 17,309 copies and total 5,488,390 Digital singles cant wait for his next (. We think Lee Jun Ki, Lynn Pestario Oct 14 2016 8:11 am keep surprising us with your Moon... 2009 2:08 pm the living anime??????????????... Really follow celebrity news or gossips action productions, nothing at all wrong with that fight,,! 17 2014 5:50 am Lee Joon Gi, you 've proven the audiences that you one! Far i see you in my eyes on you haha kidding ; ) i love Lee Joon rooooocccckkksss! More respect for him omoooo other participants, Joon-Gi landed a role in Arang and moon lovers season 2 wiki, did. The cameo for Hotel Del Luna, but please never change the link to directly!