It is over 15 years old at the very least. If it's too close to the burner, you'll burn it out. The following are troubleshooting tips for gas fireplaces, continued from Part 1 of this two-part series. Soot buildup on the thermocouple may block the flame. If that bypass circuit cools,the gas is turned off. If the thermocouple isn't lined up correctly, it won't read the flame, and will shut the valve for the gas. Turn it until the valve closes and cuts off the gas supply. Instructions for Taking Pictures With a Kodak Fun Saver Disposable Camera Kodak Fun Saver cameras are single-use, disposable cameras. Get in touch with your utility company if the problems persist. It could be Heat-n-glo fireplace, fire goes out after a while (after 20 min or sometimes up to 1 hour) but pilot stays on. When we first turn off the fireplace, the pilot light stays lit; but about an hour or so later, I notice it is again off. Before conceding the cost of emergency repairs and calling an HVAC professional, read ahead for some of the most common reasons why your furnace pilot light won’t stay on. Flame looks nice, 95% blue and strong. When pilot light goes out, usually the cause is something you can solve easily. An IPI system is going to be more “efficient” since fuel is used only when you flip a wall switch or click on your remote. The pilot will go out. Gas heaters, whether they warm up air or water in a home, rely on a pilot light to trigger the flame of the actual heater. But newer fireplaces don’t have that feature, instead relying on an electronic ignition system that needs electricity to operate. My Fireplace Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit. However, if the light goes out frequently there could be other issues. i have a vermont castings radiance natural gas fireplace. google_ad_height = 400; This can happen on excessively windy days or nights. Pilot lights can be blown out by an interrupted flow of gas or from a strong draft. When the thermocouple senses a lit pilot, it leaves the main gas valve open. Mendota DXV 35 gas fireplace. Don't worry, Heat & Glo provides helpful step-by step directions for relighting your pilot light. In these systems, the pilot will only light (in the case of hot surface igniters, the igniter surface heats) when the thermostat makes a command for heat. At that point, you can then turn … While gas fireplaces are popular because of their convenience, maintenance is still important. The only thing more frustrating than a busted furnace is the hundred trips to the garage for tools when you're trying to fix it. If you notice pilot problems in several of your household appliances, this may be the culprit. Every time. Sometimes a pilot light goes out, so you do not need to worry when your gas fireplace shuts off and pilot goes out. Hot Point Heating & Air Conditioning LLC. The pilot knob should have the options “Off,” “Pilot” and, in some models, “On.” Here’s how to light a gas fireplace with a control panel. My Gas Fireplace Won’t Light. Is there anything else we should go. The emergency gas valve should be closed or turned off as well. It won't stay on. A stack of ceramic logs covers a series of gas jets, and, when the gas comes on, the pilot light ignites the gas to produce flames that encircle the logs to create warmth and atmosphere. Has the pilot light on your Heat & Glo fireplace gone out? Under constant exposure to a hot flame, a thermocouple wears down over time. Gas fireplace won’t stay lit, but the pilot light does. If it’s not, or if your pilot light goes out repeatedly, be sure to give us a call so that we can determine and fix the problem for you. (pushed pilot dial in, turned it to Pilot, pushed in ignitor button a few times and the pilot lights just fine) I keep it pushed in for 60 seconds and let go and the flame stays lit. Locate the copper rod near the burners. What Oil Should I Put In My 2001 Harleydavidson Cl... Repair The Sprayer Hose In A Kitchen Sink, Education Requirements To Become A Geologist, Whirlpool Gold Central Water Filtration System, Replacing Water Pressure Tank Fairly Simple. Added to the potential hazard is the constant consumption of fuel to maintain the pilot light. Pilot light goes out on gas fireplace after switch turned to on position I followed the instructions to light the pilot on my FP. The pilot light on your gas fireplace is out and you can't get it going again. The pilot orifice may be full of dirt. #gasfireplacerepair #fireplacepilotlight #pilotlightwontstaylitWe show how to easily fix a gas fireplace pilot light to stay lit. Keep every intake air register in your home open and clear to avoid a “vacuum” effect in the inlet. That's the thermocouple. the pilot stays on just fine. Remember to shut the gas If your pilot light is out, you might be worried about carbon monoxide poisoning. That was a month ago. A leak in the output duct of the furnace could cause air to blow into the area If the pilot light on your gas fireplace won’t stay lit, a very likely culprit is a component called a thermocouple. For safety's sake, shut off power to the furnace by switching the breaker to the off position, and close the gas valve.