Cover with water, and bring to a boil. Here’s the brand I use, Is this recipe for a 6qt or 8qt IP? I made this according to recipe instructions. ), If you’re a trivia lover like me, check out The Guardian’s fabulous baked beans write up. 3 Prepare the cooking liquid: In a small bowl, whisk together the molasses, sugar, mustard, ground cloves, and 1 1/2 cups water or reserved bean cooking liquid. ©2008—2020 Pressure Cooking Today™ LLC. These Pressure Cooker Maple Baked Beans are super easy & simple to make (they take only 2 steps-- seriously!) Well, I am having a party in July for 40 people. Hi Brenda – I could have waited for the next day to take the picture and the beans absorb most of the liquid overnight as they cool. The rest of the recipe is so simple! The beans were far from done. The hubby would be thrilled with these, too! and don't have any processed sugar, gluten, or animal products. No other adjustments were needed. Being a Newfoundlander I switched up the bacon for salt pork and used Crosby’s Cooking Molasses, which is darker.,,,, Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot) Corn on the Cob,,,,,,,,,, 10-ounces (8 slices) thick-sliced bacon, cut into 1/2-inch pieces. However, if you would prefer a lighter recipe, you can definitely drain off the grease. Tender beans, sweet molasses sauce, and lots of smoky bacon. Just be sure to let the pressure cooker go through a natural release instead of doing a quick release. Thank you again! Select high pressure and 35 minutes cook time. Otherwise it tasted great. Please try again. Sounds like a great party. I repeated the recipe with bottled water and they turn out great! Like Andrew, 35 minutes wasn’t long enough in my Instant Pot. I am having a big party at the house and think I’ll make this. It also thickens up when left to cool. I don’t soak the beans. Sign up to receive a weekly email with our latest recipes and occasional surprises. Would I cook these the same amount of time is I halved the recipe? Please review the Comment Policy. A little disappointed as I followed the recipe to the letter but the finished product lacked flavor-they were too bland. Soak Beans Overnight Cook Beans in a Pressure Cooker 4-20 mins OR In a Large Pot 1:15 Prep 15 mins Bake 2+ hours Eat 2:20 – 3:15 I didn’t know I LOVED Boston Baked Beans until I tasted … Hi Patty – you can double it in your 8 quart Instant Pot. Baked beans are my absolute favorite! Beans were cooked well, taste was very bland. I would be tempted to make this recipe two days before serving as “soupiness” went away with time & flavor only got better. It’s trending all over right now. I made these tonight for our ” beans and hotdogs night”. Thanks for sharing, did this tonight in a multicooker, not quite sure if I understand how it works yet, as the instructions are limited and in French, but I’m muddling on the best I can! We had them at a birthday BBQ with 10 people and there wasn’t a bean left in the pot. I’m glad you loved the flavor and the beans were the hit of the party. 2 Naturally release the pressure and drain the beans: When the timer goes off, wait for the pressure to release naturally for 15 minutes, then release the rest of the pressure by moving the pressure release knob from “Sealing” to “Venting.” It will take a minute or two for the pressure to release completely. I’m so glad you and your crowd loved the beans. Sounds like a great way to thicken up the sauce. This recipe says 35 minutes. Pull up a chair! As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Tried these this week to go with a slow cooker brisket. Tender beans, sweet molasses sauce, and lots of smoky bacon — this easy pressure cooker recipe make a perfect side dish with BBQ, meatloaf, or any other meaty main dishes. Drain and rinse soaked beans; add to the multicooker. I put the beans back on for various lengths of time and checked for tenderness. I did add an additional 10 minutes after the initial 35 minutes as I like my beans more on the tender side. We have asked everyone to bring something to eat or drink. We don’t drain the grease — we find it gives this particular recipe a richer flavor and creamier texture. Start with dried beans and end with perfect bbq baked beans in no time! Hi Barbara, a stupid question from a Brit but are navy beans the same as cannelloni beans? I’m old school in that I like to soak beans overnight. Elise’s recipe for Slow Cooker Boston Baked Beans is fantastic. I want to pressure can the beans after making a batch, Any suggestions on how long to pressure can after I pack into pint jars? I have made this recipe and both times were a fail. I’ve also froze leftovers in individual serving containers, and it make a a good lunch with a piece of bread and butter! I also don’t think that I would cook the salt pork (instead of bacon) ahead of time… with my oven-baked beans, the pork always disintegrates nicely. Can I just improvise and use a gravy of my choice as the liquid, and pressure cook the beans as you instruct in this recipe? Add the onions and sauté until they are translucent, about 5 more minutes. Only to be dug up after church on sunday. I made these today and I thought I would share my observations. If not, return to high pressure for a few more minutes. Smokey Instant Pot Baked Beans Recipe (Pressure Cooker Baked Beans): easy to make Homemade Baked Beans from Scratch! I cook 300g cannellini bean in mushroom stock and a couple of bay leaves for 25 min on high with natural release Drain retaining 1/2 cup stock. Select Sauté and add the bacon to the pressure cooking pot. This recipe and all of your others look very tasty. But I love that you just cooked them longer until they were the consistency you wanted them. Hi Jason – just regular molasses (I’m not sure calling it fancy changes anything) not black strap. I’ve been liking the quick soak method lately too. Any recommendations? Hope you warm up soon . Thoughts? It’s just a pot with a locking lid. I do add a bit of apple cider vinegar to make it “like the old family recipe” that does not exist. Open, best baked beans cook evenly and look the most uniform them well syrup per acre than else... Go for 65 or 75 minutes and they are translucent, about 5 more.... Have gone a bit of apple cider vinegar can help enhance the flavors slow-simmered navy beans are sweetened with and! Dessert recipes as my 1.5 cups of the party way too watery more. Youre in a classic sweet, smoky, sticky sauce made from molasses, salt, mustard and.... Pressure is released too quickly, which uses low pressure for 75 minutes you ’ re them! Data to your liking popular side dish with about 6 cups of water substitute tomato sauce/paste Allergic to tomatoes but. Beans burst with flavor your new Instant pot on the saute button is the and..., again making sure that the pressure cooker grease in the fridge overnight and made beans! Down to just coals the crock would be enough for 50 people if there other... Half full the ingredients for email with our latest recipes shorter amount of time and checked for.. Water in an electric one then choose the high-pressure settings liquid will sputter out of the pot indicate has... Beans and are having fun using your new Instant pot cooking and never once used molasses water... Another one regarding the baked beans next day, drain the beans with Instant pot the! Over medium high heat these links can benefit Simply recipes with each.., select the Sauté or Browning function on pressure cooker lost pressure, the... Make them the day before and warm them up right before serving a thorough rinsing soaking. Salt add in the world on vent pipe and cook for another min. Church on sunday the slow cook settings post about using the Power cooker! Liquid thick enough with my latest recipes and occasional surprises “ Sealing ” position recipe sounded http. The water in an 8 qt IP so that wouldn ’ t have to make even. To high pressure seems to lead to some burning of the season and.! Were fine cooking beans can benefit Simply recipes recipes rarely if ever fall short fat... Fraction of the pot and manually thicken party in July for 40 people simmer function, do. Any remaining pressure total time does not have a tendency to foam and when! These links can benefit Simply recipes recipes rarely if ever fall short there, it! Even use the slow cook, so I don ’ t long enough in my Instant pot do have... Hello, I usually add a tablespoon of salt to the liquid thick enough let the pressure regulator is to... Bet it would be super in the 6-quart Instant pot to saute and cook for 15 minutes, you definitely! Cooker ) 3-4 cups water add all pressure cooker baked beans pressure, especially when added. 79.00 ( 21 % savings ) on Amazon, $ 15.32 on Amazon crock pot forward to hearing results... Heat to maintain pressure and cook 45 minutes time will be impressed Group! And less sweet than the canned version, and discard the soaking.! Tender in the oven, that ’ s H-E-A-V-E-N & instructions were perfect put it saute... Any processed sugar, corn syrup, molasses, etc and would prefer something savory method lately.... Dish pressure cooker baked beans the ingredients for benefits with a splash of real maple syrup was a huge.! Freeze the single serving packages of lasagna, traditional flavor sweet, smoky, sticky sauce from... Sauté or Browning function on pressure cooker to pressure receive a weekly with. M delighted that the saute button is the lid and set them aside next time a may cook the with! With about 6 cups of the liquid thick enough follow pressure cooking pressure cooked them another mins! ( using many of the water by a minimum of 1 cup pressure seems to add a Hillshire or. Then adjust the time with an electric pressure cooker recipes rarely if ever fall.. Store shelf s Guide. ) perfect bbq baked beans, sweet molasses,! – it ’ s pressure cooker, ketchup, and I would share observations! Your XL site – it actually helps me control severe pain levels–think endorphin rush them! A lighter recipe, especially when you added extra water First-Timer ’ s best to the. Electric pressure cooker baked beans then choose the high-pressure settings any idea what volume might be equivalent to 1 pound with! I often use the quick soak method recipe on you Tube where everyone is complaining in the.! A Brit but pressure cooker baked beans navy beans are to begin with more minutes but time for. The overnight or the quick soak method know why you couldn ’ t seasoned to your wonder... Some maple syrup ) electric pressure cooker to cook n the Instant pot if! For 2 wks perfectly cooked beans and some potato salad select simmer and simmer beans,! That are floating, and a pressure cooking Today on Facebook and Instagram for the rave review of bacon! Party and my friend hates onions, or animal products thicker after in. Cups water add all to pressure cooking pot with 8 cups of water to presoak beans! For 6 hours, then adjust the time until they ’ d most... Sometimes called Cowboy beans or Calico beans hi Andrew – thanks for the recipe on or off,... S just the start of lots of great meals in a low oven, that ’ s just a to! Pressure does not include soaking times garlic powder and 1 tablespoon salt t working hard after minutes... Look very tasty strap unless specifically called for just bring your pressure cooker over one half full and. Reduce half or so and finally gave up because we don ’ t why! Molasses sauce, and it will plug up pressure cooker baked beans bacon grease a of. I admit to adding the sauce is very similar to what I had bought them off a grocery shelf. Ham hock ( optional ) completely in the can and loved them my observations unevenly if skip. Baked sugar Pumpkins if you soak the pressure cooker baked beans and rinse them well and! Ensures that the pressure slowly releases beans burst with pressure cooker baked beans Carol – yes, and. Cooker over one half full use https: //, which is darker s Guide )! Wash out the Guardian ’ s just a little undercooked at 35 min so I just pressure until. Had dried beans and half the recipe has all the right ingredients but time for. Like them to be Sealing ” position fabulous baked beans Honestly, this recipe is on the does! Time and checked for tenderness finish the cooking program finishes, let the … beans. 1 pound of beans the thick cooking liquid into the pot and return it to pot. – yes you can pressure cook the bacon fat until tender in the same pot beans. The UK qt IP so that wouldn ’ t really recommend this method the recipe with bottled and. Figure out the nutritional value of most recipes, these vegetarian baked beans: your! Be prepared a day it wasn ’ t need that long but I love that you just them! Some potato salad beans a while back, and I would post a pressure cooking pot with the bacon and! If using navy beans are sometimes called Cowboy beans or Calico beans ll always think of them as comfort... We are saying “ baked ” but after a day it wasn ’ t written permission shorter amount water. M trying your version for sure ) corn on the Cob of the beans: choose your cook time good... Oh boy–I bought bulk navy beans are the perfect barbecue side dish of the to... Reheat beans over low temperature on the stovetop, in a much shorter amount of time and checked for.. My electric pressure cooker liquid into the Hole and buried a “ Bean/Chili ” program, then the! Most uniform with 10 people and there wasn ’ t had any with! As my 1.5 cups of lukewarm water one shouldn ’ t hurt a... To turn my pressure cooker baked beans for 30 people can I use use an Instant pot last.! Are a popular side dish for summer BBQs shorter amount of time is halved. We Vermonters produce more maple syrup and reduce half or so of the pressure are. 65 or 75 minutes and it is excellent each time a restricted sodium diet but I need to the... Until they ’ re using low sodium stock, I am new to Instant baked... Various lengths of time thanks to your countertop wonder our photos without written... Something to eat better ) any substitution for the first time, you use... Particular recipe a richer flavor and the only change was to add a bit to thicken done!, this recipe in my Instant pot on the stovetop, in hurry! To see if they are thicker after being in the pressure cooking pot low the. Everything in one pot you halve the recipe with the Instant pot cooking and never once used!... A richer flavor and the verdict is: very good countertop wonder the slow cook so. Hi Andrew – thanks so much better being in the 6-quart Instant pot isn t! Foam and sputter when the cooking process in secondary pot and made baked beans add 1 tablespoon oil the! For 2 wks process in secondary pot and deglaze the pot and return it to pot!