Anupam, S. (2002) Palm Leaf manuscripts of the world: material, technology and conservation, Studies in Conservation, 47:sup1, pp. After the leaves are completely preserved, I pin the edges to foam board to ‘relax’ them. One of the greatest reasons of loving autumn is the beautiful fall leaves. We have enlisted here a few easy recipes to maintain the color and texture of some of your favorite leaves in the best way possible. For now, I have them both in the dining room holding some of our favorite collected shells and air plants. Use good judgement when deciding whether your children are ready to use an iron.) Two coats on both sides were all they needed. Fill the jars with the above solution until the level is ½ inch from the top. During the absorption process of the preserving iquid, the sap evaporates and is replaced by the preserving liquid. Take them out and let them dry in air for 2 days. Choose thin leaves with a low moisture content. Some web sites mention using antifreeze to preserve leaves and branches, but this is a toxic substance and is not recommended. Easy care with no water, pesticides or light needed. With palm leaves! Oct 15, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Maryam Yg. For preserved magnolia leaves, take off a small branch containing the leaves and chip off its end with a hammer to expose the vascular system and follow the above method. After this time, the flowers or plants are carefully cleaned to remove any traces of dry or wilted leaves. Remember us every time you take a sip of your beloved mint tea. Once they were clean and dry, I coated them with an amber-colored shellac. After half an hour, flip it over and spray on the other side. Cut each stem at a 45-degree angle. of the preserving solution to a tall glass vase for every ounce of palm frond you are preserving.