Sie sagte, sie hätten viel zu Abend gegessen. I am a German native speaker who loves languages and am passionate about teaching others. When we tell people what another person said or thought, we often use reported speech or indirect speech. Direct to Reported Speech Gap Fill. Get 3 months membership for just €10.49 (≈ $12.69). Unlike in other platforms, all our teachers are manually verified by our professional team. Didi is a very friendly and experienced teacher. Conjugation of werden (to become) in German, Fill in the correct conjugation of the German auxiliary verb "werden". Request a free trial lesson with a teacher of your choice! There are some typical introductions like: Take online language lessons with a professional teacher. We will arrange on a topic and talk and discuss in the lesson about it. See you soon! It's a real pleasure to have classes with you, and I hope you find them useful! So with me you can learn all the tipps to improve or learn German. He is a very concise and well-recommended teacher. Since I was born and lived in Switzerland and grew up in a bilingual family, I speak also Swiss German and Croatian on a native level. Exercise of German Verbs with prepositions, Exercise: Fill in the correct German preposition, Exercise: Add the correct preposition to the adjectives, Exercise of stems that ends in a sibilant (s, ss, ß, z), Exercise of word stem ends in - m, -t, d, n, Exercise of the verbs with the infinitive ending with -n, Exercise on simple past endings in German, Exercise of the present participle (haben), Past perfect tense (Plusquamperfekt) in German, Conjugation of verbs in past perfect tense, Multiple choice exercise of the past perfect tense, Exercise: Transfer from present to future I, Drag exercise to practice the future tense (Futur I), Fill in the blanks to learn the German future I, Multiple choice exercise of future II in German, Exercise of infinitive (separable / not separable), The infinitive in German (um…zu, ohne… zu), Fill in the blanks exercise for infinitive sentences with 'zu', Fill in the blanks exercise for infinitive sentences with and without 'zu', Multiple choice exercise for infinitive sentences, Multiple-Choice exercise on double infinitive, Fill in the blanks exercise on the German imperative. Indirect speech: free exercise to learn German. Fantastic opportunity to improve your German with a Native speaker. Then test your knowledge in the exericses. Learn about the word order of indirect questions in German with Lingolia’s online lesson, then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises. Hans hatte gesagt, … Determine the form of use of these German adjectives! Andrea is a fun and enthusiastic teacher! What is indirect speech or reported speech? I can teach in English or French! I am very happy with my lessons and the way in which they are conducted. ID: 96506 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: Intermediate Age: 14-18 Main content: Grammar Other contents: Add to my workbooks (272) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Exercise of unreal conditional sentences (present), Exercise of unreal conditional sentences (past). Beside these methods you will enjoy Modeling, Mistakes, Feedback and one of my top methods: Lesson Objective Transparency. English Exercises > reported speech exercises. Der Geschäftsführer sagt, sein Unternehmen (haben) keine Reklamationen von Kunden erhalten. I create experiences for them to see the concepts in action. Conversion: Direct Speech to Indirect Speech, Mandy sitzt im Café, in dem Jan arbeitet. In the same time it taught me the value of persistence and creativity. (the articles, the verb "to be", the pronouns...). When converting direct speech into indirect speech, we have to pay attention to the following points: We can put declarative sentences into indirect speech without using a conjunction, or by adding dass to the introductory clause. Choose the correct conjugation of the auxiliary verb "haben"! Exercise: Possessive adjective or pronoun? I speak Spanish fluently, but I do not want to cheat anyone, so I note here that I speak the spanish from Chile. I have been teaching English to students online as well as in classrooms primarily out of passion and love for teaching English and helping the students overcome their difficulties and lack of confidence/ motivation towards using English in their every day lives. She loves teaching and supports her students during their learning path. I have been taking lessons for half a year with her and can't recommend her highly enough. It is mainly used in newspaper articles to indicate, for the sake of objectivity, that which is being reported is not necessarily what is actually known. We can build the indirect speech with or without a conjunction. He said she was there on the previous day. For closed questions, we begin the indirect speech with ob. If you'd like to get to know me and my teaching methods, just contact me and we will do a free trial lesson. The indirect speech consist of a introduction and a dependent clause in the subjunctive I. Also, I think that my passion in this field helps me to transmit to the students the desire to keep studying and learning amazing languages like Italian and Spanish. The simple past tense usually changes to the past perfect in reported speech. I am a great fan of new cultures and languages. Another method of teaching that I use is Learning by experiment. We can use indirect speech in the indicative and in the subjunctive moods. Exercise: Spot the German indefinite pronouns! Example: 1. → She told him "Don't do that again," he said to me. My name is Katerina, I’m a native Russian speaker and a foreign language teacher from St Petersburg, Russia. It's free! I studied Arabic and English at university, but I have had the possibility to learn Spanish as well, which is for me like a second native tongue. See more ideas about indirect speech, reported speech, direct and indirect speech. Become a Lingolia Plus member to access these additional exercises. The Past Perfect Tense does not change in the Reported Speech. Exercise: Which type of adverbial clause is it? Please, be assured you won’t regret giving me the opportunity to help you! I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Anywhere. Every student makes me a better friend, family member and a person. Exercise of indirect speech (Subjunctive II), Exercise of indirect speech (Subjunctive I), Exercise of coordinating conjunctions in German, Exercise of subordinating conjunctions in German, Translation exercise of German conjunctions, Fill in the blank exercises about definite or indefinite articles, Fill in the blank exercise about definite or indefinite articles, Indefinite Articles in German (ein, eine). Mixed Exercise 1. Repoted Commands and Requests. In that way students learn by doing. Use contractions where possible. As my requirement for learning does not fit easily in any 'set course' or classroom situation, this individual approach, looking at what I need and then providing it, suits me very well indeed. He cannot talk German to you, so I translate what he just said, as it was the present. Choose the correct German indefinite article! He said that he’d seen a television presenter. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!. Determine the kind of use of the German adverbs. Find a teacher in your area or take Skype lessons. Er sagte, if necessary, change of details about place and time, When the subjunctive I form is identical to the indicative, we use the, When the subjunctive II form is identical to the indicative, we have to use, Indirekte Rede – Konjunktiv II oder würde-Form. Thank you Nina for your help and patience :). All learning materials and exercises are free and will be provided before or during the lesson (in PDF or Word). If my student is a beginner, I'm gonna start with the basics of the German language. However, a different introductory clause may be require in this case. Determine which kind of German preposition is being used! Sie sagt, dass er alle Aufgaben alleine gelöst, Sie sagte: „Sie haben viel zu Abend gegessen", Sie sagte, sie haben viel zu Abend gegessen. But what is if the subjunctive I is identical to the indicative form of a verb? I have got a teaching degree and have been teaching English and German for more than two years to all levels and age groups. That's why I mostly use personalized learning method. Moreover, she's very flexible when it comes to scheduling a lesson. Exercise: Add the correct German auxiliary verb! A real one on one experience as she focused together with learning of language in identification and correction of student weaknesses. My average rating happens to be 4.99/5 with 5 star reviews on English teaching websites such as and Our online exercises for French help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. Exercise 2 – Requests (negative) Complete the sentences in reported speech. The fact that I’m not a native speaker of English or German means I’ve been through exactly the same language-learning journey you’re about to take, and thanks to my personal experience as a student, I can make this road smooth for you. For me languages are much more than a way to communicate with someone else. Reported Speech Exercises. I also worked as an Engineer for several years so we can as well work on your vocabulary in a technical level. If we are using the subjunctive for indirect speech, we generally use the subjunctive I (Konjunktiv I) form (unless this form is identical to the indicative; see Usage of the subjunctive II and würde below). such a good teacher. if the time and speaker are different.For example, present tenses become past, I becomes he or she, and my becomes his or her, etc. Exercise: Find the fitting relative pronoun! Indirect questions are questions that are included within the structure of another sentence. Transform these German adjectives to their nominal form, Build the comparative and superlative of these German adjectives, Exercise for the different functions of German adjectives, Exercise on predicative and attributive adjectives, Exercise on the different roots of adjectives in German, Exercise on present and past participles used as adjectives, Comparative and superlative adjectives in German, Exercise of irregular adjectives in German, Exercise of adjectives with vowel changes, Exercise of adjectives ending in -er or -el, Forming and declension of ordinal numbers in German, Exercise on ordinal numbers as adjectives in German, Exercise on the spelling of ordinal numbers in German, Exercise on possessive adjectives in German. We can also express demands and requests with an infinitive clause. ; John said, "I saw that movie once before." Would recommend her for everyone who would like to learn German. Dear Silvia, thank you very much for your feedback! → Er sagte, dass er eine Fernsehmoderatorin gesehen habe/hat.He said that he’d seen a television presenter. Exactly, as in the topic of the indirect questions, we are also allowed to use the word "ob" at the position of the question word. Exercise: Choose the correct conjunction! He said I ought not to be so inquisitive. I've had students of all ages, from pre-school kids to senior generation, and I feel comfortable working with both beginners and those who are eager to take their learning process to a new level. I offer standard German language lessons for A1, A2, B1, B2 level. The spokesman said: “I can’t understand why billiards has been prohibited.” 2. Marine is an amazing teacher, she is direct and focused at all times. So far, I've helped different age groups to converse freely, to read, understand and love both English and Bulgarian. No two students are exactly alike. Form the correct plural form of the German nouns! I can also prepare you for french certifications ( DELF, DALF, TCF , TEF etc. Sometimes, the German indirect speech is also called reported speech and in German “indirekte Rede”. Of course is a free trial lesson (it's about 20 minutes) possible. 2. Exercise: Choose the correct temporal preposition! Contact one of our teachers! Three Steps How to Form The Direct Speech Into The Indirect Speech Fill in the correct German temporal preposition! Click here to practice & improve your English Easily a 5 Star Teacher. Apr 2, 2017 - Explore Cecile Corpuz's board "indirect speech" on Pinterest. You still need to practice reported speech. Fill in the correct article of the German nouns, Sentence structure of main clauses in German, Exercise of rewriting German main clauses. He asked the guest to please come back a bit later. I also teach English for beginners and advanced beginners. Match the correct German verb to the sentences, Form the German simple past and participle II form. Beside that, my students not just improve their grades at school. Do stworzenia zdania twierdzącego w mowie zależnej (reported speech) potrzebujemy nie tylko następstwa czasów.Ogólnym zamysłem mowy zależnej jest relacjonowanie wypowiedzi innej osoby, a więc zdanie w mowie zależnej musi zaczynać się od czasownika, który pozwoli nam tę wypowiedź zrelacjonować (reporting verb). I personally prefer to speak in the learning language as much as possible and to focus on all four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Reported statements in English. Put the German nouns into the correct case! I’ve always been addicted to learning foreign languages, be it English, German, Spanish, Turkish or Arabic, so turning my passion into my job was just a matter of time. 2315 Backshift of tenses in Reported speech – Exercise; 2321 Conversion of time phrases in Reported speech – Exercise; 2317 Pronouns in Reported speech – Exercise; 2327 Reported commands – affirmative sentences – Exercise; 2329 Reported commands – negations – Exercise; 2323 Reported questions – Exercise Here are 10 exercises to help you practice and learn how to form reported questions in reported speech. Hello everyone and a big warm welcome to all the fellow language learners. Eine Woche später telefoniert Mandy mit einer Freundin: „Ich habe Jan neulich im Café getroffen. More reported speech exercises here. Browse further and look out for your needed reported speech exercise to download or to practice more. Exercise to match the right German auxiliary verb! Reported statements in English. He said, “I want to visit his hospital now” He said that he wants to visit hospital now. Despite being a non native English speaker; I happen to have native level proficiency in aspects of English language and am very passionate about helping students achieve their goals and aspirations in life via use of exclusive and result orientated lesson that have allowed me to achieve my level of skills in English Language. The indirect speech is used in order to report what somebody said. Always a sheer pleasure to learn from Fiorina: full of positive energy, well prepared, full of resources... and with a smile! For the weekend it's the best to just send me a request. She said: “We’ll go and get some food.” 5. Highly recommended!!! Exercise for prepositions with dative and accusative! He told the guest “Please come back a bit later.”. and pronouns (I, you, my, your, etc.) Decide which gender the following German nouns have! Julie said, "My birthday is on Friday." The tenses, word-order, pronouns may be different from those in the direct speech sentence. Learning a foreign language is a beautiful and awe-inspiring journey which is not strange to me. Anna is a very well prepared and good teacher. In other words, the present simple becomes the past simple. Initially when I entered our first session I was nervous, but I became relaxed very quickly because of his bubbly personality and his patient, calm manner. Direct and indirect speech exercises for esl. In written German the subjunctive is generally prefered. I'm a Italian/German bilingual teacher form Florence! Multiple choice exercise about the right use of demonstrative adjectives, Interrogative and exclamatory adjectives in German, Exercise on German interrogative and exclamatory adjectives. Trust in the experiences of our students. * Please keep in mind that coLanguage shows only my general availability, if you want to schedule a free trial lesson just sent me a message and I will forward you my up-to-date schedule. Direct and indirect speech exercises for esl. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Exercise: Choose the correct German locative preposition. To insert special letters: 1. GO TO REPORTED SPEECH EXERCISE #1 1. I love my job which is to teach french as a professional language for people to use in business, at university or for an immigration project. Reported Speech - English Grammar Exercises. 1. Now I work as freelance teacher and translator for various companies, also my own company for translation services and German language education that I founded in 2018. Do you not find a teacher in your region? Olivia has been amazing in helping learn German in a crash course fashion. Keep working and you'll understand and be able to use the form soon. Complete the sentence with the correct case, Complete the sentences in the correct case. The learning material is all made by myself, because I'm a German teacher, so that means, I already got lots of working sheets for many topics. If you want to know more about my methods, just book a trial lesson! Christina is really helpful, very friendly and I would fully recommend to anyone! She makes her lesson very interesting and easy to follow. I have had experience in teaching though my internship experience in coLanguage, but also before doing some private lessons during the last year. 1387 Yes/No questions – word order – Exercise 2; Reported speech (Indirect speech) 2315 Backshift of tenses in Reported speech – Exercise; 2321 Conversion of time phrases in Reported speech – Exercise; 2317 Pronouns in Reported speech – Exercise; 2327 Reported commands – affirmative sentences – Exercise Imperatives can be used when we give orders and we can also use them to make requests. Shahbaz is an English teacher from Pakistan who has had a lot of experience with adult audiences mainly and with beginners. Find an online teacher, Private lessons, group classes, tutoring and language courses (A1, A2, B2, B2, C1, C2). Montse is always energetic and interesting, she always tailor the lections on the attendants level, always keeping an eye on trying to be original and fun. If you’re a Russian-learner, I’d be glad to prove it to you that you can absolutely nail my mother-tongue - and yes, you’ll be able to make a small talk in Russian by the end of the first class even if you’re an absolute beginner! Reported Speech, Indirect Speech – English Grammar Exercises. Please contact me if you have any questions or me … Fill in the blanks exercise in German indefinite adjectives. The course will also prepare you for following tests (depending which level you finished): Start Deutsch A1, Start Deutsch A2, telc Deutsch Beruf A2, telc Deutsch Beruf B1, Zertifikat Deutsch B1. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or a question. conditionals. These abilities have helped me to master the art of teaching. ). Multiple choice: which is the right adjective to use? With Lingolia Plus you can access 9 additional exercises about Indirect Speech, as well as 845 online exercises to improve your German. If you wish to have only conversational lessons, I can arrange this also for you :), My teaching method is to adapt to every student differently depending on their needs and language level. The young lady said: “I did not make such a mistake.” 4. → He told me "Don't talk to me like that," he said. Gihan exclaimed: “We have had too many prohibitions.” 3. Choose the correct conjugation of "sein" for the given tenses! Indirect speech is introduced with certain phrases. Exercise: Is it an object- or a subject clause?