Actually, the clio sport model tyre size is 215/45R17. When I was in France last year I had a puncture in the front tyre of a Renault Clio. Hi Im about to buy a clio 2 phase 1. like mine is a stock 1.4 16v clio 4 door and i have the 15" wheels stock with the 185 tires. I have a set of hawkenheim 15" 4 hole rims that came off a Nissan sentra. Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base, Information guide to help before purchasing alloy wheels, Find out what tire size will fit on your Vehicle, Find matching vehicles by specific Bolt Pattern, Find matching vehicles by specific Tire Size. It is a long story but to cut it short I was told by a Renault dealer that the front and rear wheels are different sizes. Hi, Abdul Hassan,You can use 15/16'' alloy wheels.You can try to find 15*6 ET 36 bolt pattern is 4*100.Or you can try 16*7 ET 43,bolt pattern is 4*100.For tires,you can try 195/50/15 and 195/45/16, Will wheel's from a clip sport 182 fit a 2010 clio avante. can we also mention the MKZ is also about 10k cheaper than all of ... Nein nein nein !!! Clio 3 … 0-100km/h should be listed as 6.5 seconds. 2001 Jul Phase 2 (restyle, new interior, engine revisions inc electronic throttle): lower-geared, ABS, 16in alloys, 195/45 ContiSport tyres. Hi,Rab, can exchange,only if they are OEM size.If you have take modification,Can you show me the size now? Renault Clio 172/182 history. Use data of at your website. Can i change the tyres to 165/70R12? I have called up renault to which they have been no help here either. 0-100km/h should be listed as 6.5 seconds. It makes 62kW/litre, not 128. Specs Renault Clio II RS 172 PS. Clio modellerini kapsamaktadır. Can wheels from a 02 plate 1.2 Clio fit the 07 plate 1.4 dynamic. 2019 Renault Clio V specs, Fuel consumption, Dimensions Renault Renault Clio 2019 Clio V 2016 Clio IV Grandtour (facelift 2016) 2016 Clio IV (facelift 2016) 2013 Clio IV Grandtour 2012 Clio IV 2009 Clio III (facelift 2009) 2005 Clio III 2001 Clio Sport Coupe 1999 Clio Symbol 1998 Clio II 1990 Clio I The power is produced by a naturally aspirated engine of 2 litre capacity. Clio 4 Ph2. Hi i have a renault clio 1.5 dci.. its an 2004 plate.. it has standard steelies on it at the moment, and want to fit the clio sport alloys, what tyres do you recommend, and will they fit, also what inch shall i go for, as the steelies are 14 inch.. i was thinking either 15 inch or 16.. please get back to me. The wheels are 7.5Jx18 . They standard tyre size is 205/45 R17, with pitch 5*114.3.It looks as though 19" is to big. Do you have a right and a left Tyre on a clio. 5J x 15 CH4-43 for a 2004 Clio dynamique. Clio RS 172. I've just orderd 14" wheel trim for my 2002 Clio and the actual size it 15" could it still fit on to the wheel?? Any ideas? Lighting the way. it is 80kgs lighter than the 172 standard model because they removed the abs, air con, side impact airbags, sensors, and spare wheel, and i heard a rumour the exhaust is lighter, but i dont know for sure about that one. The car has 124kW (166bhp/169ps), the 172 rating is 172 DIN PS (no a/c etc etc attached). The specs are completley wrong. Hi,Marc.The 2003 Renault clio can fit for 2006,They are all 4*100,ET 45.cb60.1. The spare is too big for the front. Hi, i have an X reg clio. 17 Versions. They are a SIZE 19X8.5 PCD 5/114.3 ET 45Would they fit with 235/35-19" tyres on them? The Clio is a light car so overall space is understandably restricted but it's enough as a second car and the size means you can perfectly place the car through the many roundabouts we have in … Specs Renault Clio II RS2 172 PS. Renault Clio Specs, Engines, Exhaust, Gearbox, Clutch, Suspension, Wheels and Tyres, Brakes, Bodywork, Interior, Values and Part and Servicing Prices. Hi John, thanks for your reply , do you know what make these rims are eg OZ , speed line etc. 8 Versions. Renault Clio Generations Specs: Clio 5 (2019 - ) Clio 5. Renault Clio 172 Buying guide from Strike Engine. accelerations: 0- 60 mph 6.8© s, 0- 100 km/h 7.2 s (declared by factory), 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 15© s (simulation © 2001 Renault Clio RS 172 Exclusive (Renault Sport) (man. Hi,Stevo,Can you explain the 172 alloys,It is alloy wheel size? I have a 2002 1.4 16v and It had the 15 inch aluminum wheels with 185 tires on it stock. The world's largest wheel fitment database. Clio R.S.18. RenaultSport Clio 172 Ph1, Exclusive, 172 Ph2, 172 Cup, 182, 182 Cup & Trophy Specification's Clio modellerini kapsamaktadır. Renaultsport 172 specs.